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Do follow and No follow Backlinks

Dofollow means follow the links that the search engines. Backlinks are very important to increase your ranking in search engines. If you get more backlinks you'll gain more importance by search engines, but search engines only have dofollow backlinks and nofollow links has 0 weightage to search engines. If you have 1000 nofollow backlinks to your website will be useless for you to get the classification of search engines, but you can only get some traffic to your website for these links and if you only have 100 dofollow backlinks are useful for you to increase your pr

Blogging platforms such as WordPress and Blogger gives a nofollow link by default, when you make comments there. but there are many who have converted their websmasters blog to dofollow, it means whenever you comments, search engines, do you. and this is a good way to increase your ranking in search engines. The easiest way to increase backlinks by commenting on dofollow blogs.


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