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Best seo tips

Hi I have a project and let us Readers of the blog to discuss the top seo tips, which use very fully to any company or private person.
1 >. Search key words wisely

I have people simply analysing a large number of keyword searches and start doing it for SEO. No! Never do this.

If your goal is to get ADSENSE revenue, first monitored CPC, the CPC cost per click that you will pay for keywords specific to. See how many ads for your keywords.

Because if there is enough then ads advertisers will not be displayed in some countries.

But if the target is to earn associate and subsidiary companies do not have to go through to the CPC.
2 >. Analyze what your visitors really want

Each content of your site must be exactly according to visitors need, means that if someone comes to your website by search "Oral infection remedy", then it means that he wants to know just home treatments.So on this page discuss just about home treatments.
3 >.Make sure that you have done on optimizing pages to max-


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