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Initial Marketing for E-Commerce

Hey guys! Recently, I became involved with a brand new site for e-commerce, which will go live within a few days. (Sorry for the length but I wanted to give you a complete picture, so you can give me the best advice)

-I will take care of SEO and Internet marketing related. I would love nothing more than to be able to get them to hire some people under me to help me write and do something with the grunt work. I can do all aspects of writing and web graphics design, etc., but I also do it Helpdesk and covers for my boss when he is absent or in a meeting, so I can't possibly do all SEO at the top of my current responsibilities, but I love SEO and marketing so I'd love to work with the Marketing Director here and get something good comes, correct.

They hired a marketing firm to handle their print/video/commercial marketing, including TV. They even have to take responsibility SM marketing, including blogs, etc. … (this is a good idea, or shouldn  't, which coincide with SEO?)

The last time I talked to my boss, Director of IT, Web publishing, it seemed the SEO was wide open, and he is considering hiring a "outside consultant" or company to just do it and I was like: Ummmm, I can do it and he said that if I wanted, I could probably. I would just push hard, so it is no doubt that I can do it.

-It seems they really want to implement detailed tracking and statistics/analytics, which I know Google can give like 99% if info is right, but what about tracking inbound phone calls, etc. .. I know ReachLocal is one of the best companies do this, but they are like an all-in-one SEO company, so I thought just contact ATT or Sprint etc to do some incoming phone tracking. This is a nice little bonus, which some people don  't even exists.

So my question is, to present and to take the whole SEO myself, what are my priorities during the presentation of my work shoes, and also what should be the first few steps that should be to maximize the success of this campaign? Remember, I'm working for a medium organization, and there is a long back and it  "meetings " etc., shall be equipped with some good things to impress them and then to complete the project.

Began to reflect on the priority list and get my:

1. try to come up with 2-3 keywords/phrases for the company, along with the marketing department, which I don't think they even have still whereas only came up with the slogan.
2. Review the web site to see where I can include as many useful keyword rich content I can, without was inundating e-commerce sites are simple.
3. start writing or someone to write content/reviews on our product so I can spread them around different article sites from the Internet.
4. Produce everything in HTML/meta tags for my boss to put in the code for the site. (Any advice on this?)
5. organize with the marketing department about the videos and other content blog/review and try to consolidate or combine our efforts more result in a better product.
6. Google AdWords, etc…. The companies want to do this, but it will be so much more effective after the site is already strong in SEO.
7. A person from the marketing dept talked about link exchange, but I think that  's one last priority … I have the impression, perhaps not justified, that link exchange is obsolete and worthless.


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