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Social Media and Future of SEO

Google + has become the fastest web 25 million users in less than two months. While Facebook and twitter took almost three years to achieve this. Daily see proven results, discussions and predictions about social media SEO related forums and blogs. Social media optimization has become an integral part of SEO and is now considered essential to pay equal attention to the optimization of social media on their websites along with other aspects of the SEO.
Why social media is becoming more important day by day in SEO? Some items may be answer to this question and enable you to understand the importance of the social web.

Facebook "like" is the Evergreen topic of discussion, we can see that each one is urgent to increase the "want" to their Facebook page shows the number of a million fans. Many experts believe that the page has more Facebook has more would be better, as regards the effects of social media optimization and search engine optimization. But have you ever thought about what would happen if they didn't think people you and suddenly your fan number falls from the sky and you now have a place of hundreds of millions of fans? Simply, it would be really mad at their social media people who spent days and nights in promoting your Facebook page to achieve 1 million "like". So what is actually better than he likes? It is a "content sharing users after the walls of Facebook. The more your content is shared across the different "Facebook Wall", the greater are the chances that the content will affect the results of the search engine.

Twitter is another great motivation for those who wish to promote their links in their tweets, because more than 25% of the tweets on Twitter contain links. This kind of social media offers to double the potential connections along the content.

In addition, from all other effects of social media on social media search results is a pretty cool way to drive traffic and improve your message to a targeted audience. Facebook now has more than 700 million registered users and is available in more than 100 languages. So there is a large playing field of social media for you where you can search and target group in real time to attract more business.


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